The Industrial Parquet
The Industrial Parquet

After more than 40 years, Industrial (mosaic) parquet is once again popular, especially for installation in public buildings.

Mosaic and single stave parquet more or less disappeared from the market, especially in Scandinavian during the 60ís and 70ís, due to the growth of modern pre-finished hardwood flooring. But now, architects and designers are rediscovering the old types of parquet and designs and market is experiencing an increase in demand for the different varieties of industrial parquet.

Standart offer

OAK Industrial Parquet in range of sizes:

160 x 8 x 22
160 x 8 x 16
160 x 8 x 10
160 x 10 x 8
160 x 23 x 18

Also the lenght of 250 - 300 available on request.

ASH Industrial Parquet available only on request and long term basis.